Someone holding a cabbage
5 Ways To Use Up Outer Cabbage Leaves
Stuffed Cabbage
This dish is common in Central and Eastern Europe. It’s an ideal way to use outer cabbage leaves because the dish braises for some time, allowing them to get tender.
Kimchi Or Sauerkraut
Outer cabbage leaves are perfect to place over salted kimchi or sauerkraut, keeping the prepared cabbage under the brine's surface so it pickles.
Spicy Cabbage
Tough outer cabbage leaves are perfect for Japanese sweet and spicy cabbage, which often uses leaves that are parboiled, drained, and then simmered in a sauce.
Soups & Stews
Cabbage frequently appears in soups and stews. While they usually call for softer inner leaves, the outer leaves can be used, as they have time to cook and soften.
This classic side dish features cabbage and other vegetables. As the vegetable sits, they’re tenderized by the salt and acid from dressings, so outer cabbage leaves work.