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40 Most Popular Beers, Ranked Worst to Best
40. Busch Light
Busch Light is a low-carb beer that won’t ruin your diet, but with less carbs comes less flavor. The result is a pretty tasteless rendition of beer, with just a touch of corny, malty flavor that gives the barest impression that you’re drinking something other than water.
39. Keystone Light
For a light beer, Keystone Light is more flavorful than average, but that flavor is a bit one-note, with accents of grain, rice, and a whole lot of sugar. This beer's biggest downfall is its cloying sweetness, which can be hard to get past.
38. Miller64
Miller64 is a low-calorie beer that clocks in at just 2.8 alcohol by volume, making it a sober-adjacent brew. However, Miller64 still has a conspicuous lack of taste, with a feather-light body and overwhelmingly watery flavor with just a hint of the good stuff.
37. Michelob Ultra
Michelob Ultra also fits in with a low-carb lifestyle and even suits keto dieters, and while it’s quite drinkable, it suffers from a weak, thin, and watery taste. While you do get a touch of malt and a bright, citrusy finish, these pleasant notes aren't enough to carry the whole can.
36. Busch
Despite its association with college tailgates and frat parties, Busch isn’t half bad; it has a muted taste of hops and corn and some nice malt running through the mix. While this option might be a bit boring, it has no offensive aftertaste and is perfectly serviceable.