Trader Joe's storefront
25 Facts About Trader Joe's You Should Know As A Super Fan
Joe Is A Person
Trader Joe's was named after Joe Coulombe, who first owned a convenience store in Los Angeles. The name was inspired by Trader Vic's, a California-based Tiki Bar.
Trader Joe's first and original 1967 brick-and-mortar location was a convenience store called "Pronto Markets," purchased from a pharmacy company, Rexall.
First Reusable Bags
In 1977, Trader Joe's became the first grocer to offer reusable bags that had "save-a-tree" printed on them. The bags didn't start catching on until the 1990s.
Trader Joe's Capital
Officially opened in Pasadena, California, in 1967, Trader Joe's today has 193 stores across the Golden State, which is 34% of their entire store count.
Ties With Aldi
In 1979, TJ's was purchased from Joe Coulombe by Aldi Nord, who now control their operations in the U.S. However, Trader Joe's and Aldi serve distinct demographics.