Two glasses of whiskey with ice cubes on the bar
23 Unique Speakeasies Around The World
Bathtub Gin
At New York's Bathtub Gin, a roaring '20s vibe permeates the space, where Art Deco décor, scrumptious cocktails, and live jazz performances are the order of the day.
There is an actual bronze bathtub in this place, but you won't find any gin in it. Most likely it will contain one or two patrons, enjoying the novelty of the establishment.
Evans and Peele
To get into Evans and Peele Detective Agency in London, you need an appointment and you need to bring a case for the detectives ostensibly working for this agency.
You also have to remember your case's details, as guests are thoroughly interviewed upon arrival. Your creativity and perseverance are rewarded with fine cocktails and tasty bites.
1930 in Milan is a place you can only get to if you already know the location. It's said the only way to find it is to befriend the owners, Flavio Angiolillo and Marco Russo.
While the décor recalls the 1920s and 1930s, the cocktails do not. Bartenders offer the full gamut of liquors on the market, including a vast selection of gins and unusual spirits.
The Pawn Shop
The Pawn Shop in San Fransisco is an establishment placed at the back of an apparent pawn shop, a business typically associated with other types of illegal goings-on.
The shop is just the front for the wannabe patrons to negotiate their entry into the tapas bar and lounge. You can speed up your entry by bringing an item you can pretend to pawn.
The Back Room
To enter New York's The Back Room, you walk an underground corridor to a building behind the La Contenta restaurant, the same entrance used during the prohibition era.
Inside, you'll find other throw-back treatments like serving alcohol in teacups — originally done for plausible deniability in case of raids. The cocktails are pretty strong, too.