Taking out pickled red onion from a jar
18 Creative Uses For Pickled Red Onions
Add Crunch To Pizza
Topping pizza with pickled red onions brings a sweet, acidic pop that cuts through an otherwise fatty, dense meal, though the baking often subdues its flavors.
Add it right before you pull out the pizza, or as it's cooling on the counter. While you can add it before baking, the pickling liquid is sometimes too wet for the crust to handle.
Use On Burgers
Top your burger with pickled red onions for a new dimension of flavor and to help balance out the heavier ingredients hiding in the bun.
They also subdue the richness of cheese and cut through the greasiness of the burger patty. You can use it on any burger variety, from beef burgers to black bean or veggie burgers.
On Breakfast Sandwich
Bring an acidic balance to your sandwich by stuffing pickled red onions into your bagel or biscuit. They're sharp, bright, and have a way of waking you up.
These onions counteract the heaviness of breakfast sandwiches, and pickling helps bring the classic onion flavor to the meal without overwhelming the other elements.
Mix Into Egg Salad
If you want your egg salad sandwich to carry a good vector for flavors without a gummy, too-creamy, oddly thick mouthful, simply mix in pickled red onions.
Pickled onions add a flavorful touch to egg salad without the intense assertiveness of plain red onions, ensuring each bite packs subtly sweet and sour flavors.
Add To Salad
If you feel like red onions overtake other elements of a salad and that their taste lingers too long, remedy the issue by using pickled red onions.
The addition of brininess blunts the onions' sharpness and works well with various dressings. These pickled alliums' moderately crunchy texture keeps every bite interesting.