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17 Most Expensive Restaurant Memberships Across The US
Atelier Crenn
It's not easy to get a table at Atelier Crenn, San Francisco's three-starred Michelin restaurant unless you've signed up for a $3,800 membership program.
The membership includes unlimited reservations at Atelier Crenn and Bar Crenn, along with private events such as special dinners or wine tours.
Quince & Co.
Quince, San Francisco's Italian restaurant with three Michelin stars, launched the "Quince & Co." program in 2021, priced at $5000 per year.
The subscription model includes benefits across multiple establishments, encompassing Quince, sister restaurants Cotogna and Verjus, and the Fresh Run Farm in Bolinas.
FlyFish Club
FlyFish Club is the world's first NFT restaurant, where people purchase a membership token and receive a series of real and virtual dining-related benefits in return.
The initial price for a premium tier membership was $14,000 but those sold out almost instantly, and the resale value on those NFTs could be much higher now.
Chotto Matte
Chotto Matte, with locations in Miami Beach and San Francisco, put up for sale a single NFT costing $1 million, which allowed the buyer many benefits.
The benefits included invitations to new Chotto Matte restaurant launches, first-class flight tickets, five-star rooms, wine tours, and other exclusive events with top chefs.
ZZ's, touted as New York City's most expensive members-only club, boasts a hefty $50,000 initiation fee for founding members plus annual dues of $10,000.
Non-founding members need to pay a $20,000 or $30,000 initiation fee, while Miami patrons pay an initiation fee of up to $15,000.