Bowl and spoon of powder seasoning
17 Creative Ways To Incorporate Ranch Powder In Your Dishes
Add To Cream Cheese
Ranch powder can upgrade the simplest ingredients, like cream cheese, which transforms into a delicious base for several types of meals when mixed together.
Combine the softened cheese with ranch seasoning to create a creamy, flavorful spread that you can use as a dip, in sauces, or even on bagels for a decadent breakfast.
Make Ranch Garlic Bread
Garlic bread is typically seasoned with garlic powder, parsley, and salt, all of which play well with ranch seasoning to create a zesty flavor combination.
You can incorporate ranch powder by simply sprinkling it on the bread for a stronger taste, or mix it into melted butter to slather on the bread before it bakes.
Amp Up Mac & Cheese
Ranch powder is the easiest way to add more flavor to your mac and cheese. It can pair well with any type of cheese you might use as the dish's base.
You can sprinkle the seasoning on top or add it to your cheese sauce. Scale back on the powder for more pungent cheeses, and add as much as you want with milder cheeses.
Add To Roast Veggies
Just as ranch and fresh veggies are a no-brainer, ranch seasoning is the quickest way to turn roasted veggies into a mouth-watering dish.
Toss the veggies in olive oil and ranch seasoning until they’re evenly coated, and roast until the veggies’ natural sweetness melds with the zesty, flavorful seasoning.
Make Mashed Potatoes
Ranch seasoning is one of the simplest ways to upgrade mashed potatoes by giving the staple dish an unexpectedly zesty flavor.
Add the seasoning incrementally and taste as you go. You can also amp up the flavor and texture by incorporating buttermilk for an ultra-creamy consistency.