Two bowls of wonton soup
16 Creative Ways To Use Wonton Wrappers
Use Them As Crackers
Wonton wrappers are an unsung, versatile kitchen hero, and a quick way you can put them to use is as a cracker alternative.
Crisp the wrappers in the oven before eating them as a snack on their own, alongside dips like guacamole, or even atop a bowl of soup.
Instant Noodle Alternative
Instant noodles are a quick, easy ingredient, but for a different taste and texture, try using wonton wrappers to create a noodle alternative.
While the wrappers won't yield the same slurp as noodles, you can rest assured that this is an excellent way to use up the rest of the wonton sheets before they go bad.
Make Dessert Rangoons
True rangoons include cream cheese, which you can mix and match with almost any sweet filling to create a batch of dessert rangoons.
You can start with a cream cheese and sugar filling, along with any additional flavors like almond or vanilla extract. From there, cook, and serve with jam, frosting, or chocolate.
Scallion Pancakes
Scallion pancakes can be difficult to make at home, but wonton wrappers offer a great shortcut for easy scallion pancakes without sacrificing flavor.
Ideally, use thicker wrappers and layer your scallions in between. Seal it with a quick roll of a rolling pin, and fry in oil before serving with a soy dipping sauce.
Pigs In A Blanket
The thickness of puff pastry can quickly overwhelm pigs in a blanket, so take a tip from Thai street food and use wonton wrappers in place of puff pastry.
Simply wrap mini sausages in wonton wrappers and fry or air fry them until crispy. Then finish it off with a sweet chili dipping sauce like they serve in Thailand.