Small graham crackers topped with marshmallows and chocolate
16 Creative Ways To Use Graham Crackers
If you want to use graham crackers in something other than s'mores, consider swapping them with breadcrumbs in meatballs to add a touch of honeyed sweetness.
Crush the graham crackers into a powder before adding them to your meatball mixture in the same ratio you would use for breadcrumbs, or do a half-and-half mix.
Boxed Cake
A quick way to elevate boxed cake mix is by incorporating crushed graham crackers, which add a slightly nutty sweetness and textural intrigue.
You can experiment with pulverized graham crackers or chunky crumbles depending on your textural preferences, and get creative with your cake flavors.
No-Bake Cookies
Graham crackers are the perfect base for easy, no-bake cookies. Since they don't need to bake, you can enjoy the batter right from the bowl.
You can use your graham cracker base for a no-bake version of classic chocolate chip cookies, mix in oatmeal and raisins, or get creative with cocoa powder, nuts, and butterscotch.
Atop Meat
Graham crackers make a delicious crust atop proteins like meat and fish. They pair especially well with firm fish like tilapia, cod, haddock, and mahi mahi.
Grind your graham crackers to a powder with a few crumbles for texture. The unexpected combination works surprisingly well and adds textural and flavor complexity.
Graham Cracker Houses
Edible houses may be more common during the holiday season, but with graham crackers, you can make creative little houses at any time of the year.
Make sure to stock up on colorful gummies and sprinkles for decorating your house, and use icing, peanut butter, or frosting to stick your creations together.