Exterior of a Costco
16 Canned Goods At Costco You Should Stock Your Pantry With
Kirkland Salmon
With prices increasing in grocery stores, no one would blame you for stocking up on affordable and nutritious canned goods from Costco like the Alaska pink salmon.
At about $3 per can (as of April 2024), Kirkland Signature Wild-Caught Alaska Pink Salmon is an affordable, high-quality product that's versatile and delicious.
Kirkland Chicken
Costco is famous for its affordable rotisserie chicken, but if you need something with a longer shelf life, try the canned Kirkland Signature Chunk Chicken Breast.
Kirkland Signature is one of the best canned chicken brands for its meaty consistency and juicy bite. At just $0.17 per ounce, it's an affordable and delicious option.
San Marzano Tomatoes
From taste to texture, San Marzano tomatoes are a cut above average canned tomatoes, and Costco sells a three-pack of canned Cento San Marzano tomatoes.
The tomatoes are certified San Marzano, and run around $12 per pack, making them a steal compared to their price at grocery stores and other retailers.
Tomato Paste
While tomato paste in a tube is certainly easier to store, it's hard to pass up a 12-pack of canned organic tomato paste at Costco.
The tomato paste comes in a 12-pack at less than $1 per can. If you don't use the whole can, you can simply pre-portion and freeze the leftovers.
If you want to hop onto the tinned seafood trend, Costco sells high-quality Season sardines in olive oil, an underrated and budget-friendly protein source.
The sardines are wild-caught and come already deboned and skinned, so they’re easy to toss into any recipe for added protein and nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids.