Bowl of French onion soup mix
15 Ways To Incorporate French Onion Soup Mix Into Dishes
Chicken Cutlets
Instead of hauling out multiple bottles of spices and seasonings, consider a packet of French onion soup mix for breaded chicken cutlets.
The savory blend will instantly enhance the breadcrumbs. About 1 or 2 tablespoons from the soup mix packet should be enough for a batch of chicken cutlets.
Roasted Vegetables
Roasting vegetables deepens their flavor. Tossing them in a blend of seasonings will make them even tastier, especially French onion soup mix.
Toss the vegetables in a bit of oil first. The oil will help the soup mix stick to the vegetables, ensuring each bite includes
a burst of savory flavor.
Make A Dip
If French onion dip is one of your favorites, try mixing and matching sour cream, ricotta, plain yogurt, mayonnaise,
or softened cream cheese with a packet of soup mix.
Add Flavor To Rice
A packet of French onion soup mix makes it easy to add extra flavor to rice. Simply toss cooked rice with a bit
of powdered soup mix for
an instant upgrade.
Another option is to add French onion soup mix to water or broth, essentially making
French onion soup, then cook the rice in the liquid.
Mashed Potatoes
Add 1 or 2 tablespoons of soup mix to milk or cream. Stir the liquid into the mashed potatoes and the herb-infused liquid will evenly disperse the seasonings.
You can also sprinkle French onion soup mix onto prepared mashed potatoes, just like you would salt or pepper.