Sandwich filled with deli meat, cheese, and lettuce
15 Upgrades For A More Luxurious Bologna Sandwich
Chili Powder
With a salty flavor and undertones of nutmeg and coriander, bologna is already a decadent sandwich meat, but you can elevate the flavor further with chili powder.
Chili powder, particularly a flavored option like bourbon-smoked chili powder, packs a fiery punch with added antioxidants to add even more flavor and nutrients to your sandwich.
Caramelized Onions
Caramelized onions are a classic addition to enhance sandwiches, and they pair perfectly with bologna, especially when caramelized in balsamic vinegar.
The balsamic vinegar adds a bit of tanginess to the sweet caramelized onions, giving your sandwich an even more flavorful dimension and balancing out the rich meat.
Manchego Cheese
Cheese is a no-brainer addition to sandwiches, and while Manchego cheese might not be your first thought, it adds a flavorful depth to bologna sandwiches.
Unlike tangy cheddar or mild mozzarella, Manchego cheese has a more robust flavor. If you like melty cheese, simply pop your sandwich on the grill for a gooey bite.
You might think guacamole is better as a dip, but it functions just as well as a spread, particularly when slathered on bread to make a sandwich.
The fats of the avocado add nutrients and a richer texture and flavor to your sandwich, pairing perfectly with the bologna while ensuring the sandwich doesn’t get too dry.
Marinate The Bologna
Marinating is vital for adding flavor to meat, and although marinating sandwich meat isn’t common, it’s well worth it to make a richer, tastier sandwich.
Start with a high-quality barbecue sauce, and marinate the bologna for a few hours or overnight. Then, spread some of your marinade over your sandwich to prevent any dryness.