Hot dogs with the Chicago city in the background
15 Top-Rated Spots For Chicago-Style Hot Dogs In The Windy City
The Wieners Circle
The Wieners Circle is known for its pop-culture-related signage and the unique practice of treating customers with good-humored insults when ordering in person.
You can enjoy a hot dog steamed or charred, with the Char Dog being a popular choice. You can dine in or simply stop by for a pick-up order.
At Fatso's Last Stand, hot dogs are only charred, not steamed. It has the expected Chicago toppings, along with additional menu options, like the Char Cheddar Dog.
There may be a few picnic tables outside during the warmer months, but this restaurant has more of a pick-up-and-go vibe.
Devil Dawgs
Devil Dawgs offers unique options by putting a twist on Chicago classics. Be sure to try one of the namesake Devil Dawgs, built around a spicy all-beef sausage.
It's worth visiting the place for its decor. When walking in the door, customers are greeted by cool graffiti featuring the devil, to stay on brand, along with Chicago highlights.
Gene & Jude's
Opened in 1946, Gene & Jude's offers great food, but has only four items available, proving this is a quality-over-quantity type of establishment.
The menu starts off with the hot dog — featuring mustard, relish, onion, and sports peppers — and then offers a double dog with the same toppings, fries, and a corn roll tamale.
Kim and Carlo's
At Kim and Carlo's, you can stop by on-the-go, and already have your order in hand as you're paying. The employees work fast and offer delicious hot dogs.
When ordering, the traditional Chicago topping options are available, but feel free to add chili, sauerkraut, or an extra pickle spear. They also offer a vegan alternative.