Spread of different Indian dishes
15 Popular Dishes At Indian Restaurants Across America
Packed with spices and flavor, it’s no surprise Indian food is so popular, and even simple ingredients like rice are elevated into delicious dishes like biryani.
Made of long grain rice seasoned with saffron and herbs, biryani is a crowd-pleasing, versatile dish that can feature additions like jackfruit, paneer, or meats like lamb or chicken.
Chicken Tikka Masala
Created in Scotland by Pakistani-born British citizen Ali Ahmed Aslam, chicken tikka masala is an Indian fusion food that’s widely popular in the U.K. and U.S.
Featuring tender, succulent chicken in a complex gravy by turns tangy, spiced, and even sweet, it is one of the most delicious Indian dishes and certainly one of the most popular.
Vegetable Samosa
The vegetable samosa is an appetizer that's consistently more sought-after in the U.S. than any other. Two types are popular: Punjabi and phyllo-wrapped.
Made of a crisp, fried pastry stuffed with mashed potatoes, peas, and spices, you might be tempted to fill up on vegetable samosa before you even order your main course.
Rogan Josh
A specialty of the Kashmir region, rogan josh has found popularity in the United States due to its rich, tender meat, thick, tomatoey sauce, and flavorful seasoning.
Made by slow-cooking meat to draw out the savoriness and give it a tender texture, the dish has a blazing red color thanks to Kashmiri chili powder and a herb called ratan job.
Aloo Gobi
Made of tender, buttery cauliflower and melt-in-your-mouth potato in a thick, flavorful sauce, aloo gobi is the go-to for veggie-forward side dishes.
Boasting a layered flavor that is by turns spicy, garlicky, and earthy, the dish is complex enough to hold its own or to serve aside other flavorful curries and rice dishes.