Roosevelt with an alcoholic drink
14 US Presidents And The Boozy Drinks They Loved
George Washington
George Washington enjoyed Madeira, a popular wine in the colonies. He was a fan of beer, particularly porters, and even made his own wine and whiskey.
John Adams
John Adams was famously known to drink hard cider first thing every morning while serving as president, which only consisted of a 3-ounce shot.
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson is widely remembered as a wine aficionado who hosted many wine and dinner parties. As president, he held three of these events every week.
James Monroe
James Monroe was also fond of wine and champagne. Monroe actually received a letter from Jefferson with a great deal of advice on buying and storing wine.
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson's favorite drink was whiskey, specifically a locally distilled Tennessee version. Jackson also distilled his own liquor and even owned a distillery.