Salmon soup in black bowl
14 Soups From Scandinavia You Should Know About
Blåbärssoppa is a fruity Nordic icon traditionally made with bilberries. It's a versatile soup that can be served cold in summer or warm as a light meal in winter.
The berries simmer with water and sugar until they begin to break down, then cornstarch is added as a thickening agent. Some leave the soup chunky or blend it completely.
Fårikål is a Norwegian stew made with mutton or lamb and cabbage. Fårikål-making season begins in autumn and serves as the unofficial start to the chilly period of the year.
Some prefer it as a hearty stew with plenty of broth, while others opt to drain the lamb and cabbage pieces. Boiled potatoes typically accompany this beloved dish.
In winter, Sweden takes solace in köttsoppa, a comfort soup with beef or moose meat and root vegetables, like celery root and leeks, perfectly simmered in a clear broth.
It also features klimp. The dumplings, made from a blend of flour, milk, and egg, are chilled, then sliced, and nestled into bowls before being drenched with the rich beef soup.
Kjötsúpa is Iceland's lamb-based soup loved for its comforting warmth and nourishing qualities, and it's a remedy for chilly winters, lingering hangovers, and nasty colds.
It features bone-in lamb shoulder or chops and root vegetables. Tradition demands keeping it simple, which calls for simmering the meat in water alone and avoiding extra seasoning.
Kød Og Melboller
Kød og melboller suppe is a hearty, nutritious meal that combines savory meatballs and comforting dumplings, along with chicken broth and different veggies.
The dumplings just need water, unsalted butter, salt, flour, and eggs, while the meatballs are made with a blend of pork and veal with egg, flour, onion, milk, and seasonings.