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14 Restaurant Chains With Fries Cut From Fresh Potatoes
1. Five Guys
It can be difficult to find a restaurant chain that cooks fresh fries in-house, so we’ve created a list of those who do, like Five Guys. Five Guys has always made their own fries and only uses potatoes sourced from Idaho (except a few months a year when they’re too soft), and the fries themselves are double-fried in peanut oil.
2. In-N-Out Burger
In-N-Out Burger fries are not universally liked — some say the oil is too clean, others say the recipe is too simple, but the common complaint is a lack of crispness. On the bright side, they are made with fresh potatoes, and since In-N-Out fries are made fresh to order, you can actually ask for them to be crisper if you like.
3. Wahlburgers
Wahlburgers isn't best known for its food; it’s notable for its owners, the Wahlberg siblings. However, this chain does make their fries from fresh Yukon potatoes, cutting them thin and serving them with Wahl Sauce, which you may want a little extra of, since most eaters' main qualm with these fries is a lack of flavor.
4. Bareburger
This chain has eleven locations in the New York City area and is dedicated to serving people with dietary restrictions who can’t eat at most fast food chains. Their fries are sustainably sourced, and they offer regular fries, “sweet fries” (sweet potato fries with sugar and cinnamon), “truffle-style,” or “bacon + cheese style.”
5. BurgerFi
BurgerFi labels their fries as "fresh-cut fries" on the menu and their website notes they are "fresh cut from real spuds," which are Russet potatoes. They're fried in peanut oil for a decadent flavor, and you order them in many ways, from Cajun Style to “Urban Style,” which includes Parmesan, herbs, and truffle aioli.