Homemade Loaded Baked Potatoes with Bacon Cheddar and Sour Cream
14 Mistakes Everyone Makes With Baked Potatoes
While russet potatoes are the most popular when making baked potatoes, stray from tradition and try other varieties, such as baked sweet potatoes.
Basting Early
Don’t put your spuds in the oven pre-oiled. You'll get crispier baked potatoes if you reserve the oil and salt for 10 minutes before the end of their baking time.
Potato Nails
Skewering your potatoes with a nail cooks them seven to 11 minutes faster. Pick up a set of kitchen-safe potato nails or use a regular metal cooking skewer.
Microwaving potatoes can be dangerous, and low and slow-style cooking is transformational. A really good baked potato is definitely worth the wait.
Aluminum Foil
You should never bake a potato in aluminum foil. If you do, it's technically a steamed one, and a potato cooked in foil will inevitably turn out soggy.