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14 Gin Cocktails, Ranked Worst To Best
14. Greyhound
The Greyhound is made with grapefruit juice and vodka or gin. It’s great for those who love grapefruit's unique flavor but are turned off by its acidity.
13. Long Island Iced Tea
With gin, rum, vodka, tequila, and triple sec, this drink is super high in alcohol, but the lemon juice and Coca-Cola hide its taste, making it dangerous.
12. Gibson
The Gibson is a classic Martini with a pickled onion rather than a lemon twist. The onion’s umami changes the drink’s aura and flavor but it’s still mostly a Martini.
11. White Lady
Made with gin, orange liqueur, lemon juice, and egg white, this drink has an amazing harmony between the botanicals of the gin and citrus fruits.
10. Gin Fizz
This cocktail harmoniously blends gin, lemon, lime, simple syrup, egg white, heavy cream, club soda, and orange flower water. It has sweetness, tartness, and richness.