Marilyn Monroe smiling
14 Foods And Drinks Marilyn Monroe Adored
Ice Cream Sundae
Marilyn Monroe was keen on this dessert and regularly stopped at Wil Wright's ice cream parlor in Beverly Hills to enjoy one after her acting classes.
Raw Eggs In Milk
The Hollywood icon ate an unusual concoction of raw eggs and milk every morning. She would heat a cup of milk and whip two raw eggs into it.
Many of Monroe’s dinners comprised nothing more than a slab of steak and some raw vegetables. She would simply broil it in the electric ovens in her hotels.
Some stars don’t cook, but Monroe took two hours to prepare stuffing. Her hands-on recipe involved 18 ingredients including lots of protein and four laborious steps.
Lamb Chop
Despite following a paleo diet, Monroe didn't eat the same thing every night. She was particularly fond of lamb chops, which she would get at the market.