Fast food employee handing a paper bag of food out the window
14 Fast Food Chain Breakfast Menus, Ranked
14. White Castle
White Castle offers limited breakfast menu items all day. The menu has a couple of sliders featuring eggs with the choice of cheese, sausage, bacon, or beef.
Customers can upgrade to a combo meal with hashbrowns and a coffee. Its Belgian Waffle sandwiches line brings some variety, but those seeking more menu options may look elsewhere.
13. Starbucks
Starbucks offers a variety of breakfast options and appeals to dietary restrictions but fails to deliver on flavor, with menu items that are mostly frozen and premade.
Despite the lack of made-to-order meals, Starbucks continues to upgrade its breakfast menu. However, its breakfast menu has yet to reach the same level as its signature coffee.
12. Wendy's
Wendy's offers a variety of breakfast sandwiches with biscuits, croissants, and the classic roll, and contains special offers like a $3 Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit.
Its varied menu options are prepared for the customers, though individual items can be premade. However, it has yet to find a breakout star on its menu.
11. Sonic
Along with French toast sticks, the breakfast menu at Sonic features eggs served on burritos, croissants, and toast. It also has a limited coffee selection.
The SuperSONIC Breakfast Burrito elevates the breakfast menu in what could have been an average menu lineup. It diversified the menu by bringing back pancake on a stick in 2017.
10. CosMc's
CosMc's is a McDonald's spin-off with limited menu options, offering its signature McMuffins along with two other sandwiches not found on McDonald's breakfast menu.
CosMc's spicy queso sandwich brings a spicy innovation to the McDonald's classic, while the creamy avocado tomatillo sandwich offers something less spicy.