Bottle of Grey Goose vodka and cocktail glasses
13 Ways To Upgrade Vodka
At Home
Vodka is often served cold, and not just to make it refreshing. Chilled vodka can actually taste better than it does at room temperature.
Although vodka has a neutral taste, it can also be slightly
sharp on the palate. Chilling vodka will help it feel smoother and more mellow, especially lower-quality varieties.
Upgrade your vodka experience by alternating sips with a chaser, typically something non-alcoholic. This is particularly useful when drinking vodka neat or as a shot.
A chaser can help keep everyone hydrated between vodka sips. Ideal chaser options include water, tonic or sparkling water, and even pickle or lemon juice.
Different Mixers
You'd be hard-pressed to find a mixer that doesn't work well with vodka. Mixers can mask certain components of vodka, such as its harshness.
Fruit juices such as orange and cranberry are some of the most popular mixer options. Use pineapple juice for extra sweetness or grapefruit juice for more tartness.
The martini is not only a
classic cocktail but also one of the most minimalist vodka drinks where the spirit's quality can truly shine.
Since vodka features prominently in a martini, it's important to use a quality product. Also keep in mind your garnish, which will impart certain flavors to your martini.
Food Pairings
Before pairing vodka with food, decide if you want to pair vodka with similarly clean and crisp flavors or choose those that contrast and use the vodka as a palate cleanser.
Light salads, oysters, shrimp cocktails, and sushi are clean and crisp flavored foods. Vodka could contrast the flavors of Thai dishes, pickled vegetables, and strong cheeses.