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13 Popular Zero-Sugar Sodas, Ranked Worst To Best
13. A&W Root Beer Zero Sugar
A&W's zero sugar root beer has an odd, musty scent that carries over to the flavor. After sitting in the fridge for a while, the flavor mellowed, but still tasted too artificial.
12. Zevia Cola
Zevia uses stevia leaf extract instead of artificial aspartame, which is nice, but lends an unfamiliar flavor. It’s decent, but doesn’t capture the taste of a classic cola.
11. Mountain Dew Zero Sugar
Mountain Dew Zero Sugar has a muted flavor and a more lemony zing than the regular version. For Dew fans, it's not close enough to the original, nor is it very good on its own.
10. Sprite Zero Sugar
Sprite Zero Sugar matches the original's carbonation levels, but was ultimately unsatisfying, with a very obvious artificial flavor that left us wanting a sugared Sprite instead.
9. Pepsi Zero Sugar
Pepsi Zero Sugar is a serviceable cola that tastes fine without any off flavors, and isn’t too far away from the original soda. It’s perfectly drinkable, but wholly unremarkable.