Creamer being poured into a cup of coffee
12 Ways To Substitute Creamer In Your Morning Coffee
Creamy Syrup
If you're looking for a taste in your morning coffee that feels creamy, opting for a creamy type of syrup could be the ticket.
To get that real creamy taste without bringing in any cream or creamer, aim for something that in and of itself likely has cream in the name, such as Monin's Irish Cream.
Hot Chocolate Packet
Adding a packet of hot chocolate to your coffee adds extra flavor and can help salvage a lousy cup of coffee. Many brands include milk in the packet.
This method works best with the hot chocolate powder in your mug before adding the coffee. That way, the hot chocolate granules can dissolve and meld right in with your coffee.
Condensed Milk
Sweetened condensed milk is enough to act as both milk and sweetener, making for a delicious drink similar to
a café bonbon.
A typical process involves adding about ½ inch of sweetened condensed milk to the bottom of a cup, pouring hot coffee over it, and stirring very well.
Whipped Cream
You can opt to include whipped cream on top of your coffee
in place of creamer. As the whipped cream dissolves,
it mixes in with your coffee
to sweeten it.
Ice Cream
Either pour your typical amount of coffee over a scoop of ice cream, or place the ice cream on top of the coffee. The result will be sweet and creamy.