Pasta fagioli soup and an Italian potato dish on a wooden table
12 Italian Potato Dishes You Should Try At Least Once
Potatoes, flour, and eggs are typically the ingredients used to create these soft, pillowy dumplings that are a pillar of Italy's food landscape.
Yukon Gold potatoes are the best choice for gnocchi and should be baked rather than boiled. They can be topped with sauces like pomodoro and creamy pesto.
Gattò Di Patate
This savory dish is a potato pie or cake that's often served as a side. It fuses potatoes, egg, butter, and cheese, and is baked rather than fried.
This gives it a fluffy, casserole-like foundation. Cured meats like salami or prosciutto, breadcrumbs, and seasonings like nutmeg and garlic are added before baking.
This popular street food in the Sicilian region of Italy combines creamed mashed potatoes, eggs, and, more often than not, cheese.
The mixture is pressed into an oval-like shape, coated with breadcrumbs, and deep-fried until golden brown. The result
is a delicious snack that is easy
to eat on the go.
Patate Al Forno
Patate al forno refers to what Americans know as roasted potatoes, the kind that are sliced or diced, but with a little Italian flair.
This dish's key characteristics are a squishy interior and crunchy exterior, which is better achieved by using yellow potato varieties like Yukon.
Italian Potato Salad
In an Italian potato salad, you'll find a refreshing vinaigrette made up of red wine vinegar and olive oil instead of mayonnaise or mustard.
The dressing coats small potatoes, as well as green beans and tomatoes. Garlic, parsley, and a sprinkling of Italian seasonings are the final touches on this low-maintenance dish.