Slice of Spam on a grill
12 Creative Ways To Add Canned Spam Into Your Dishes
Air Fried Spam Fries
Spam is a staple canned good in many pantries, but if you’re tired of eating the meat plain, you can zhuzh it up by slicing it into fries and air-frying it.
Thinly sliced Spam fries turn into a crispy, savory snack in just minutes in an air fryer. Pair them with ketchup or hot sauce to round out the snack.
Add It To Instant Ramen
Instant ramen is a quick, filling, and delicious meal, but if your ramen is missing a hearty, meaty layer, try adding Spam as a topping.
The Spam adds a salty pork flavor, adding complexity and making the ramen even more substantial. You can add textural intrigue by frying the Spam until crispy first.
Make Spam Stuffing
Stuffing isn’t just for Thanksgiving, and one of the best ways to transform the holiday meal into an everyday dish is by using Spam as your base.
Add other Hawaiian-inspired ingredients, such as pineapple, whose sweetness balances Spam's saltiness and umami meatiness beautifully.
Spam In A Blanket
Pigs in a blanket are a cherished childhood snack and playful hors d'oeuvre, and you can give the app a spin by swapping in spam for bite-sized sausages.
The Spam adds a distinct taste that pairs perfectly with the fluffy dough of the ‘blankets.’ Round out the dish with some horseradish or mustard to add a complex, spicy note.
Bake Spam Macaroni
Mac and cheese is a go-to comfort food that you can make even more comforting and flavorful with the addition of Spam.
Cut the Spam into cubes and add it to the mac or fry it first for a crispy texture. The resulting dish is a match made in heaven with the creamy mac and salty Spam.