Steamed Chinese dumplings
12 Best Restaurants In Los Angeles For Soup Dumplings
Mama Lu's
Mama Lu's serves piping hot soup dumplings, which are some of the best and most affordable in LA. Originating in Monterey Park, it also recently opened in Chinatown.
Mama Lu's Xiao Long Bao has become synonymous with the restaurant itself and has been named in several "best dumpling" and "best soup dumpling" lists, including one on Reddit.
ixlb DimSum
ixlb DimSum Eats is a small corner shop on Sunset Boulevard serving dumplings and bite-sized xiao long bao that pack delicious flavors and moist fillings.
Known for friendly and fast service at reasonable prices, they opened up a second location in Westwood, which has a casual ambiance with no tables and just the counters.
Kang Kang
Kang Kang Food Court is a casual establishment with a cafeteria feel, but it's renowned for its amazing soup dumplings. It's loved by both casual diners and foodies.
Located in Alhambra, this casual eatery attracts people from all over the city to eat its tasty, broth-filled dumplings. If you visit, be prepared to order at the counter.
Din Tai Fung
Originating in Taipei, Taiwan, Din Tai Fung's chain is now across the U.S. Serious Eats called their xiao long bao "must-haves," recognizing their universal fame.
The original eatery in Taipei was even named one of the world's 10 best restaurants by the New York Times. In LA, the outlet is present in Arcadia, Santa Monica, and Glendale.
Northern Cafe
Northern Cafe is a Chinese restaurant serving xiao long bao, with its most famous establishments located in West Hollywood, Brentwood, Westwood, and Hollywood.
Its soup dumplings have both the traditional pork filling and a variation with crab meat added in for extra flavor. Many customers believe it to be better than Din Tai Fung.