Woman hands preparing a cocktail by pouring coffee in a cocktail jigger and a there is a cocktail shaker on the table.
12 Best Cocktail Books For Beginners
Cocktails Made Simple
"Cocktails Made Simple Recipe Cards" includes a set of forty basic cocktails. Each card includes an illustration, measurements, and step-by-step instructions.
The Art of Mixology
This book includes over one hundred different cocktail recipes, complete with tools and ingredients, steps, and a picture of what the cocktail should look like.
The index organizes each section by liquor, and the book has a useful briefing on the various kinds of cocktail tools and common ingredients, from garnishes to types of ice.
Mixology for Beginners
This book is designed to help a beginner through the process of learning cocktail terminology, stocking a home bar, and understanding more about each drink.
Little Black Book
"The Little Black Book of Cocktails" includes over 150 different cocktail recipes and is highly rated by beginner mixologists, as it tends to keep things simple.
The book, which is made to fit in your pocket, includes three separate cocktail indexes, so you can sort through drinks by the name of the drink, the kind of spirit, or its color.
The Joy of Mixology
Often touted as an absolute must-have, this book gives a comprehensive knowledge of each cocktail so that you'll be able to mix up your own recipes by the end.
The author, Gary Regan, is a world-renowned cocktail expert. His book is perfect if you're interested in learning both the 'how' and the 'why' of cocktail-making.