French toast on a white plate with fruit on a white background
11 Hacks For Making Toast That'll Change Your Morning
Using a pan for toast can deliver better results than a toaster. For this hack, add a tablespoon or two of your preferred fat and heat it over medium until simmering.
Add the bread, flip it once one side is golden, and allow the other side to brown. Unlike unreliable results from a toaster, this is almost guaranteed to make top-quality toast.
Use A Coffee Maker
A drip coffee maker can be used as a hot plate in a pinch. Start by laying a piece of bread on the warming plate and top it with a heavy-ish object, like a mug.
It'll take about 20 minutes to achieve toasty perfection using the coffee maker method. The lengthy preparation time is one downside to this technique.
Flip And Spin
Every toaster has hot and cool spots, so to avoid temperature fluctuations that hinder your toast, try rotating the bread as it's toasting.
Toast the bread on low to medium heat, and when it pops up, flip it upside down and rotate it 180 degrees. Then, toast it again on low to medium heat.
Ignore The Dial
The dial on a toaster used to adjust toasting time is hardly accurate, so it’s best to use a thermometer and stopwatch to track the toasting process.
After toasting 2,000 slices, a dedicated bread researcher determined that 309 degrees F is the optimal toasting temperature, so use a thermometer to adjust the heat accordingly.
Additionally, it takes roughly 216 seconds for bread to transform from pale white to a perfect golden brown, so keep a close eye on your stopwatch.
Butter The Bread First
By buttering bread before toasting it, the butter will melt and seep into it, giving it a rich flavor, crispy exterior, and fluffy interior.
When trying this hack, make sure you're using soft, room-temperature butter to avoid tearing the bread. You should also only use this hack with toaster ovens or oven broilers.