Bisquet. Also known as Bisquets Chinos, it is one of the traditional breads in Mexico, commonly consumed hot, cut in half and spread with butter and fruit jam.
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11 Canned Biscuit Brands, Ranked Worst To Best
11. Great Value
To help guide you when you're buying canned biscuits, we’ve created a list ranking them worst to best, starting with Great Value biscuits, better known as the Walmart brand. While these biscuits are the cheapest option and taste fine enough on their own, they aren’t flaky and have a somewhat metallic flavor.
10. Amazon
Amazon Happy Belly biscuits compete with Great Value in affordability, and can even be delivered the same day. Unfortunately, like many other Amazon brand products, these biscuits are just fine — there’s nothing special about them, and they’re lifeless in terms of flavor if you don't pair them with anything else.
9. Signature Select
These biscuits found at Safeway and Albertsons have a bit of a chewy, doughy flavor in the middle, but they far exceed the Great Value brand. While this product still struggles in terms of achieving a flaky, peel-away texture, they'll be fine if you want an inexpensive biscuit that you plan to slather with toppings.
8. Harris Teeter
From East Coast chain Harris Teeter, these buttermilk biscuits are the lightest, most airy buttermilk biscuits in the bottom four. Their flavor isn't all that special, but the favorable price point, airy texture, and the lack of a metallic, "off" taste help elevate these biscuits above all the other brands below it.
7. Kroger
The Kroger biscuits are pretty good quality at an affordable price, and you can actually taste some of the buttery flavor that belongs in a good biscuit. More than that, their texture actually does flake away in sections, they rise a decent amount in the oven, and are void of any chemical or metallic flavors.