Homemade loaded baked potato with bacon, cheddar, and sour cream
11 Butters You Should Be Putting On Baked Potatoes
European-style salted butter has a creaminess and distinctive rich flavor that melts perfectly into a baked potato. The salt amplifies the overall taste.
Garlic Butter
Together, garlic and butter add a rich, savory layer of flavor that turns a plain potato into a delectable treat. Even just a dollop can add lots of flavor.
In its simplest form, garlic butter is made by stirring minced garlic into softened butter. You can smash the garlic into a paste for smoother butter without solid garlic bits.
Herb Butter
Herb butter is a great way to use leftover herbs and allows for many combinations. Rinse the sprigs, pat them dry, chop them up, and add them to the softened butter.
Adding herb butter to your baked potatoes will also give them a stunning visual appeal. The bits of herb speckled throughout the butter add a fun pop of color to your baked potato.
Truffle Butter
Truffle butter is packed with umami, making it a delectable addition to baked potatoes, which are inherently bland on their own. You can make your own or purchase it.
Bacon Butter
Bacon’s smoky, salty goodness perfectly complements butter's rich, creamy texture. Smothering the combo on your baked potato creates a match made in flavor heaven.