Open glass jar of pickle chips in pickling brine
10 Pickle Brands That Use The Most Premium Ingredients
Despite only being founded in 2008, Grillo's Pickles claims to use an original century-old family recipe. The company is now recognized nationally for its quality products.
Containing no artificial preservatives, the pickles are packed, shipped, and sold refrigerated. They use a distilled white vinegar brine, garlic, sprigs of dill, and grape leaves.
Dietz & Watson
Dietz & Watson's website claims that its products are "rooted in a delicious heritage of family recipes that have been perfected over generations."
The company has a long tradition of using not only fresh cucumbers, but is also said to use the finest turmeric and handcrafted spices, with no added MSG.
Claussen's long heritage and commitment to quality cemented it as the top refrigerated pickle brand in America by 1991. Their pickles are sold in many forms and flavors.
The pickles are made with only the freshest cucumbers, which are distilled in vinegar with an original blend of turmeric, dried garlic, mustard seeds, and dried red bell peppers.
Bubbies Fine Foods
The pickles of Bubbies Fine Foods are naturally fermented, and the company is said to only use fresh and whole ingredients, without preservatives or GMO.
The recipe includes black pepper, dill seeds, and red chilies, with no additives. Even the salt, selected from an inland seabed, isn't iodized.
Maille Gherkins
Maille's sweet & sour extra-fine gherkins are said to be chosen with care and collected before maturity for that satisfying tangy flavor and crunch.
The gherkins are then combined with a white balsamic and grape mustard concoction, onion, sugar, rehydrated red bell pepper, mustard spices, and dill.