Atlanta, Georgia skyline
10 Iconic Foods We Can Thank The State Of Georgia For
Lemon Pepper Wings
Atlanta, Georgia popularized lemon pepper wings which may have started as an alternative to buffalo wings for children and people who didn’t enjoy spicy food.
The seasoning mix typically has black pepper, lemon oil or extract, and citric acid. This combination of zesty citrus and pepper creates flavor without too much heat.
Chick-fil-A's iconic combo of seasoned fried chicken breast, buttered bun, and pickle slices is famously delicious. The chain is secretive of the recipe.
However, we do know that the chicken is hand-breaded and cooked in peanut oil. Possible seasonings include paprika, garlic powder, and white pepper.
Vidalia Onions
In 1931, a farmer in Toombs County, Georgia (where the city of Vidalia is located) grew sweet onions. The production of sweet onions in the area grew over time.
Now the official state vegetable of Georgia, true Vidalia onions can only be grown in 20 of Georgia's counties. They are sweeter and less hot than other onion varieties.
The beverage titan got its start in 1886 when Atlanta pharmacist, Dr. John Stith Pemberton, concocted a drink syrup that he sold as a soda fountain beverage.
Coca-Cola was originally marketed as a health-boosting tonic and headache reliever, though its pleasant taste and refreshing qualities were part of its appeal from the beginning.
Brunswick Stew
Both Georgia and Virginia claim Brunswick stew as their own, but Peach State residents say the stew was invented in Georgia's coastal city of Brunswick.
Either way, it's a popular part of Georgia's modern-day dining scene. It's often made with leftover barbecued meat and okra, but you can use whatever vegetables you have on hand.