Garlic bulb and cloves on a white background
10 Garlic Substitutes That Taste Like The Real Thing
Chives are in the same genus as garlic, so they make a great stand-in for garlic in a pinch. Regular chives will work well, but a variety known as garlic chives is ideal.
Wash, dry, and use kitchen shears to snip the chives to add them when garlic is called for, keeping in mind the garlic chives will have a stronger flavor than standard chives.
Garlic Powder
Garlic powder is a very easy substitute for actual garlic. Wide Open Eats, a news site, suggests a ratio of ½ teaspoon of garlic powder for every large garlic clove.
For a small garlic clove equivalent, ⅛ teaspoon of garlic powder should suffice. To be clear, a garlic clove is what you peel, while a garlic bulb is a cluster of garlic cloves.
Some describe shallots as a cross between onions and garlic. When using them in place of garlic, be sure to dice them finely and swap clove for clove.
Asafoetida, a spice, can be a solid substitute for garlic. It's usually available to buy as a powder online or at specialty (usually Indian) grocers.
Garlic Oil
Garlic oil is essentially olive oil infused with garlic. Garlic oil can be a great option in place of garlic in marinades, dressings, and certain dishes.