Different flavors of non-alcoholic beers from Athletic Brewing Co.
10 Athletic Brewing Co. Non-Alcoholic Beers, Ranked
10. Emerald Cliffs
Emerald Cliffs is an Irish-style dry brew made with malted barley, wheat, yeast, and hops, creating several different complex tasting notes.
Emerald Cliffs satisfies the craving for a very dark, intense brew, but it would have ranked a little higher if the overall flavor was less sharp and more velvety.
9. Ripe Pursuit
Ripe Pursuit is a summer seasonal brew that is a take on a traditional Radler, which is a mix of beer and fruit juice, usually lemonade.
For Ripe Pursuit, Athletic brewed a light, non-alcoholic beer and paired it with lemon concentrate. Lemon is the dominant taste, with the hops and barley subtly in the background.
8. Athletic Lite
Athletic Lite is a light-style brew that includes malted barley, wheat, hops, and yeast. It has the unique addition of rice, as well.
It is very crisp and fresh-smelling, with a slightly bitter finish that lingers briefly before dissipating. It comes in at
only 25 calories and 5 grams
of carbohydrates.
7. All Out
All Out is an extra dark
brew created in the style of
a stout. The ingredients are malted barley, oats, wheat, hops, and yeast.
Its flavor also has a strong java taste initially that softens to make room for the chocolatey notes. The combination of flavors is similar to stout, both cozy and refreshing.
6. Soul Sour
Soul Sour is a limited-time fruited sour brew created in honor of Black History Month. The fruit flavor comes from blueberry, lemon, and mango.
Its aroma is filled with hops and fruit, with the yeasty smell coming through first. Soul
Sour is light, crisp, refreshing, and not at all sweet.