Yuka Matsuno

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San Francisco CA
University Of British Columbia
California Cuisine, Tea, Sustainable Food Systems
  • From 2017 to 2020 Yuka worked on a number of small, organic farms learning about seasonal produce, local agriculture, and eating sustainably.
  • They have a deep commitment to uplifting and celebrating non-European cuisines which is inspired by their Japanese heritage and upbringing.
  • She is working on her first novel and a collection of vignettes that may never be ready for the public eye — but who knows?


Yuka has been writing about food since she learned how to hold a pencil, and her favorite world to imagine was one made of pie, where the streets were pie-filling, and the cars were made from pie crust. This humble beginning was enough to inspire Yuka to continue writing into adulthood. Since then, Yuka has worked on various farms, as an agricultural researcher, and as an experiential learning educator. Yuka's life is centered around food, and one of her life passions is connecting others with their food systems, and thus their food producers and culture. She continues to work with community organizations that are striving to end food insecurity and increase access to food that is culturally relevant. Yuka joined Tasting Corner as a way to bridge her love of writing with her love of food, and as a way to uplift marginalized voices in the food world. Yuka's past and present experiences as a farmer, educator, and queer Japanese-American intimately influence her writing and voice today.


With a degree in sustainable agriculture and food systems, she is very knowledgable on how the food we choose to eat influences our food system, those who work in it, and the world at large.
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