Lucy Maddox

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Litchfield, CT
Middlebury College
Chinese Food, Wine, Cheap And Easy Cooking Hacks
  • Growing up in Hong Kong in an American family, Lucy became an expert in Asian fusion. Her family was always cooking with Chinese and American ingredients and recipes and making them their own.
  • Lucy is an expert in preparing portable food. Because Hong Kong is an island, a big part of the culture involves weekend boat outings. Lucy's family would constantly be preparing portable meals that needed to be resilient enough to sit in the sun for hours at a time.
  • Studying abroad on a college budget, Lucy became extremely interested in experimenting with spices. She found that a great way to "spice" up simple meats and vegetables was to season them with spices, sauces, and simple marinades.


Lucy Maddox was born and raised in Hong Kong, giving her the unique opportunity to live a life abroad and eat delicious international cuisines. Although Hong Kong will always be her home, Lucy now resides in Litchfield, CT with her family and her dog Stella. Since graduating from college and spending four incredible years in the Vermont countryside, Lucy has worked at Sourcebooks, a fast-growing independent book publisher outside of Chicago, writing and editing children's books and calendars. Now, Lucy writes for Popsugar, Mashed, and several other websites as a freelance writer.


In 2019, Lucy graduated from Middlebury College magna cum laude with a B.A in English and American Literature. She also studied abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland for a semester studying English and Scottish literature.
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