Jenny Latreille

Photo of Jenny Latreille
Sudbury, ON
Laurentian University, Carleton University, Athabasca University
Global Food Culture, Japanese Snacks And Sweets, UK Spirits.
  • Jenny currently teaches workshops in an artisanal Japanese kitchen that specializes in Japanese home cooking.
  • Starting as a volunteer recipe tester in 2014, Jenny went on to test and edit more than 200 recipes in her first two years. This started her journey to becoming a full-time food writer.
  • Jenny's background in global culture has led her to develop an appetite for trying everything edible that she can get her hands on. Her spice collection is currently out of control and she doesn't mind.


Jenny came to writing late in life, after dreaming about it for decades. Before writing, she made a living as a silversmith. Starting at Leite's Culinaria as a recipe tester before going on to being hired as their editorial assistant, she quickly realized that writing about food and culture was her forte. A lifelong cook with an intense curiosity about other cultures, she enjoys trying every possible food that she can. Currently, she works with a shojin ryori (Buddist temple cuisine) trained chef, teaching people how to make miso, soy sauce, and sake on their own, as well as Japanese home-style cooking. Learning traditional shibori textile dying techniques for the previous decade, Jenny has immersed herself in Japanese tradition and culture ever since. She has also been writing about the moon and astrology for Yoga Journal since 2021.


Jenny has an undergrad degree in Linguistics from Laurentian University, an honors degree in Literature from Carleton University, and a master's degree in Globalization and Culture from Athabasca University.
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