Hannah McQueen

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Cocoa, Florida
Evergreen State College
SEO Optimization And Content Writing
  • Hannah was born just south of Seattle, WA with an innate fascination for words, heirloom produce and seeds, and local chef legends like Tom Douglas.
  • She studied in Florence, Italy for about three months, eating voraciously, speaking Italian rather poorly, and devouring Renaissance art. Hannah also spent a limited amount of time traveling in England, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Argentina, Canada, Spain, the Netherlands, and Palermo, Sicily. Je parle un peu de français. Next on her list: Iceland, Denmark (so she can go to Noma, obviously), Morocco, Australia, Thailand, and Japan.
  • Hannah can be found daydreaming up her next meal at odd hours of the workday, strolling the Florida beaches with her blithe and untroubled canine companions on her days off, and generally feeling curious about music, language, and love every waking moment of the day.


Born in raised in the misty, mossy, mycologically-rich Pacific Northwest, Hannah is a recent Evergreen State College graduate with an interdisciplinary degree mostly focused on different types of writing, including song composition and musical performance. She is a farmer's market freak and hopeless spender of money on gastronomic delights with several years of experience writing SEO content, editing, and freelancing on a number of platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and Writers Work. She self-published a book of poetry in 2017 called "Moon Typhoon" which may or may not have made some sales (to real people!) at her local bookstore, and she looks forward to writing another someday. Hannah also runs a blog, "Crumbs," curating recipes in her spare time. If you need her, she will likely be scribbling thoughts in some corner café, snacking with full gusto until her next meal.


Over the course of her rambling college career, Hannah studied an array of topics ranging from literary theory and psychology to anthropology, French, and poetry — attending a disturbing number of colleges between 2010-2020 before happily graduating with an interdisciplinary Bachelor's Degree in June of that year. Her thirst for knowledge in a wide array of topics sent her to schools in Colorado, Florence, Italy, and finally Washington state, where she finally met the academic equivalent of the love of her life at Evergreen State College. Hannah is dedicated to lifelong learning in all walks of life and welcomes challenging dialogue.
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