Elisse Nielson

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Lafayette, LA
Comeaux High School, UC Santa Barbara
Cuisine, Travel, Entertainment
  • Elisse fell in love with telling the stories that a place leaves behind. As she was able to travel to different countries and discover new hotel venues and their incredible cuisine, she quickly realized it was the people behind the scenes that make a story come to life. Communities Digital News Travel gave her a platform that led to her own website where you can find articles from Scotland, California, London, and Canada. She is a food lover and self-taught chef who uses her passion to access restaurant kitchens and wineries, learning tips and tricks from talented chefs and head mixologists anywhere she can.
  • After 15 years living in Los Angeles and working as an actor, Elisse decided it was time to follow the yellow brick road home, back to Louisiana. Her experience working with Fox on "New Girl," Lifetime, and even on an HBO Pilot with David Fincher gives her a unique eye into the world of entertainment and storytelling from all sides of the camera. A huge fan of Anthony Bourdain, her goal is to produce and lead a female-driven travel show.
  • At the end of 2021, Elisse took over a local magazine called 337. As the magazine went digital some time ago, her goal is to tell stories from locals to locals, without the typical ad layout. Focusing on Louisiana's joie de vivre, she believes there is much to be shared and local businesses deserve to have a story that highlights who they are. Her entertainment background and attention to detail add a unique production value to the magazine.


Elisse has always been a fan of the written word and early on realized that words have power. When she decided to shift gears from the entertainment industry to travel writing, she quickly realized this was her calling. Her kind and driven voice gives her a special edge when storytelling. Her first major publication was her column on Communities Digital News Travel, where she would share the stories of hotels and their phenomenal cuisine. Her background in entertainment allows her to find different angles when she writes to bring a story to life. Her published articles can be found on her website, as well as her new magazine, 337. As the editor and creative director of 337 Magazine, she is bringing new light to southern Louisiana, covering cuisine, art, music, and locals making waves in the area.


After graduating in the top of her class with honors, Elisse grew her education through life experience working in Los Angeles. She worked in an online writing program through UC Santa Barbara and completed travel writing programs through international travel. Over a decade working and studying in the entertainment industry has given her the skills to produce and write content for many platforms and fields.
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