Deb Kavis

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California State University, Northridge
Cookie Baking, Crock Pot Stews, Spice Blends.
  • Deb is a budding Kitchen Witch for whom the act of making and sharing food is a love language.
  • Her veggie pumpkin chili won the top prize at a local farm's pumpkin-themed food contest.
  • Despite a lifetime of GERD, many of Deb's favorite dishes contain tangy and highly acidic notes.


Deb's professional journalistic career began with her first published article for Thrillist in July of 2016. She has since gone on to write for such notable publications as Rue Morgue, With An Accent, HuffPost, and Penthouse Magazine. She is both a food lover and adventurer, endeavoring to sample every region-specific dish wherever she travels, leaving no delicious stone unturned. However, her food interests extend beyond travel and writing. During lockdown, she created her own "test kitchen" where she designed experiments to answer burning questions like "What combination of root beer and ice cream makes the best float?" or "What would a Halloween-themed fine dining meal look like?" In addition to fueling her passion for food, these experiments led to a lot of fun, creativity, and even fandom (ask about her Klingon Charoset!).


Deb has a bachelor's degree in English - creative writing from Cal State Northridge.
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