Cassidy Ward

Photo of Cassidy Ward
Salt Lake City, Utah
Weber State University
Astronomy, Retro Tech, Video Games
  • Cassidy was accepted to and completed the 2021 Launchpad Astronomy Writing Workshop, an intensive week-long astronomy course aimed at authors and journalists.
  • He has been interviewed by NPR's "All Things Considered" and the BBC's "The Naked Scientists" as an expert in the intersection of science, technology, and popular culture.
  • As a child, Cassidy took apart his NES in order to pare it down and squeeze it into a Ninja Turtles lunchbox, just because it was cool. He's still looking for the coolest new gadgets and the best ways to make your old gadgets cool again.


Cassidy got started writing online content in 2013, on the geek news and reviews site He wrote a few hundred articles for them, including a weekly Saturday Morning Cartoon column that revisited classic cartoons and paired them with the perfect breakfast food. At the same time, he wrote for a number of science-focused Facebook pages, most of which are now defunct. That combined experience, however, led to a weekly column for SYFY Wire examining the science behind popular fiction. Cassidy has been writing that column every week for more than five years. In 2021, he joined SYFY's science and entertainment team where he covers the latest in science and technology seven days a week. Cassidy joined the SlashGear team in 2022 and brings a decade of science, technology, and entertainment journalism experience. He has also written for Observer, The Daily Beast, and


Cassidy graduated from Copper Hills High School in West Jordan, Utah in 2003 and attended Weber State University. He is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in environmental science.
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