Transform Your Hot Dog With Inspiration From A Banh Mi

When it comes to hot dogs, some like them plain and simple. Others like to hide the meat with an array of toppings. Either way, no one can question the massive amount of creativity that comes with making your hot dog unique. Sure, there are chili cheese dogs and Seattle-style hot dogs. But what about breakfast-style hot dogs, Korean slaw dogs, or even a Greek hot dog with olives, tomatoes, and feta, via Brit + Co? These are known as gourmet hot dogs, and many take inspiration from other countries and cultures.

And speaking of other cultures — Vietnamese cuisine is spreading like wildfire, as it is the 13th most popular cuisine in the world, per this YouGov survey. Dishes like phở, Vietnamese spring rolls, and Vietnamese meatballs are some of the more beloved traditional Vietnamese dishes, per Culture Trip. Few can deny the popularity of a classic bánh mì. Crisp, light, and refreshing in taste, this sandwich pairs protein with carrots, cucumbers, cilantro, and mayonnaise, among several other ingredients.

Though hot dogs and bánh mìs are perfect on their own, is it possible to fuse them to create an even better sandwich? We certainly think so. Here's how you can transform your hot dog with inspiration from a bánh mì.

Swap the meat and bun

Combining a hot dog and a bánh mì is pretty simple. Instead of using the usual bánh mì proteins like marinated chicken, pork, or tofu, swap them out for hot dogs. In terms of how to prepare hot dogs, there are lots of cooking methods. They range from boiling to roasting, per Food52. But according to Vietnam Is Awesome, a bánh mì sandwich typically uses grilled meats. Cold cuts and shredded meats are popular additions, but this fusion sandwich pays more homage to bánh mìs with grilled or pan-seared hot dog meat.

Now for the bread. Ditch the hot dog bun and opt for a perfect baguetteDine and Fash recommends toasting a small baguette for a crispy and crunchy texture, which will help to offset the tender hot dog meat. The source also emphasizes the importance of making the baguette thinner by "removing some of the bread from the middle." If there's too much bread, the toppings won't be a snug fit inside the bun, and you may end up with a spilled mess instead of a proper sandwich.

Combining a hot dog and a bánh mì sandwich couldn't be easier. The traditional bánh mì toppings remain the same. All you have to do is change the meat and bread for a unique spin on a gourmet sandwich.