The Nespresso Coffee Pod Flavor You Shouldn't Waste Money On

When it comes to convenient morning coffee, it's hard to beat a Nespresso. As per its name, the brand can deliver espresso-like brews thanks to a pioneering capsule technology. However, not all pods are created equal, with some worth avoiding for the tastiest experience.

Don't purchase the Firenze Arpeggio capsules, especially if you're averse to exceptionally bold coffee flavors. Part of Nespresso's Ispirazione Italiana line, this coffee has an intensity that may come off as unpalatable. A dark roast, it's one of their boldest products, coming in bitter, acidic, and intense, with a flavor that leans unbalanced.

Only fans of robust coffee notes will likely appreciate the pod, which functions better when hacked into double espresso preparations. With this preparation method, the concentrated palate improves when diluted into lungos and americanos, in turn softening the flavor. However, if you're just looking for an easy-going cup during a bleary morning, there are definitely better options to purchase.

Avoid the unbalanced flavors of the Firenze Arpeggio capsule

As with countless other products, the enjoyment of the pod comes down to personal taste, too. A typical complaint about Nespresso products is that the machines produce watery brews with indefinite flavors. Unfortunately, the Firenze Arpeggio worsens such tendencies with bitterness and acidity that compete instead of complement.

So, instead, turn to other Nespresso pod flavors for a better result. In the Italian-inspired line-up, exemplars like Napoli or Ristretto Italiano offer well-rounded flavors that don't minimize boldness. The Napoli also improves the brewed mouthfeel, bringing in a denser consistency. This lends the capsule enhanced out-of-the-box malleability, meaning it makes the best espresso martinis and lattes.

If you're keen for your coffee to come with additional aroma, there are terrific flavored options, too. The Nocciola integrates a natural hazelnut taste, adding an extra special note come morning time. And the creamy Golden Caramel is one of the brand's best-selling pods, infusing Nespresso brews with a sweet touch.