Just Salad Partners With NYC Chef Marc Forgione For New Spring Menu Items

After bringing vegan bacon to the menu in 2022, it's hard to imagine how Just Salad could one-up itself. Yet, somehow, the fast casual salad chain's spring menu has done just that. In a collaboration with New York City chef and owner of Respect Hospitality Group, Marc Forgione — also known as the youngest NYC chef/owner in the U.S. to receive a Michelin star — the two have created a limited edition Chopped Mezze salad for the seasonal menu, according to a press release shared with Tasting Corner. But that's not all you'll find.

Featuring fresh Kalamata olives, regenerative organic chickpeas, pickled onions, sliced cucumbers, hemp hearts, and crumbled feta, all atop a blended bed of super greens and dressed in Chef Forgione's own zesty, oregano vinaigrette, the Chopped Mezze is a new take on a traditional Greek salad — and it's just one of the four seasonal salads the chain is bringing to its spring menu, which will be available until late June.

Along with the Chopped Mezze, you'll find a few other new offerings on Just Salad's spring menu — including the returning fan-favorite Organic Kale and Sweet Potato soup. From the cage-free jammy egg and Tajín-spiced pumpkin seeds in the Protein Power Salad to the homemade green ají sauce and regenerative brown rice in the Peruvian Chicken Bowl, each one exemplifies the brand's commitment to its climate mission and continuous exploration of new ingredients. But no salad does so better than its new BBQ Shroom Bowl.

The BBQ Shroom Bowl will feature the Fable Food Co mushrooms seen on Netflix

On the second season of Zac Efron's Netflix travel show, "Down To Earth," he and his co-host Darin Olien embarked on a journey throughout Australia — and it only took until the second episode for them to make their way into the Australian pine forest. There, they foraged through the land alongside Jim Fuller and Chris McLoghlin, Fable Food Co's co-founders, hunting for wild-growing mushrooms. As it so happens, those are the same mushrooms you'll be enjoying when you order Just Salad's new BBQ Shroom Bowl.

Served with a blend of regenerative farmed brown rice and super greens, roasted sweet potatoes, edamame, and miso kale slaw, and dressed in Just Salad's homemade miso-ginger vinaigrette, the BBQ Shroom Bowl amplifies the umami flavors found in Fable Food Co's shiitake mushroom BBQ alternative. Not only is the bowl packed with 16 grams of plant-based protein, but it's also made 100% carbon-neutral — furthering the chain's mission to make healthy, sustainable choices an everyday convenience.

When you visit or order from Just Salad, you'll find that every item on its menu is carbon labeled to clearly mark your meal's full life-cycle carbon emissions — and this data is third-party verified. This initiative, along with the chain's continuous expansion into plant-based offerings and its reusable My Bowl and BringBack Bowl programs, all combine to make your meal as environmentally friendly as possible, without ever compromising on flavor.