The Key Decorating Tip To Follow When Adding Sprinkles To Sugar Cookies

While sprinkles might seem innocent enough, the colorful addition to a batch of cookies can be trickier than you might expect. Whether you want to add a sparse sprinkling or a heavy coat of your favorite topping, there is one key trick to help you decorate sugar cookies like a pro. It all comes down to using a sticky coating that will glue the sprinkles to the top of the cookies so they do not fall off.

To secure sprinkles, a layer of frosting or glaze serves as the perfect adhesive. Simply apply your frosting or glaze of choice onto the cooled cookies, then sprinkle away. If you want to corral the fallout and excess sprinkles as you drop them onto the cookies, place the cookie cutter or one that is slightly larger around the cookie. This will help keep the sprinkles from rolling in every direction. Finally, press the sprinkles gently into the frosting or glaze before it sets, ensuring they are firmly affixed for a picture-perfect finish.

An egg wash also works well to bind the sprinkles

But what if you prefer to skip the frosting or glaze? If you do not want to use a glaze that's evident, there's still a sprinkle solution for you. You can use an egg wash instead. 

To create an egg wash, simply beat an egg with a splash of water until well combined. Once your cookies are baked and cooled, brush them lightly with the egg wash using a pastry brush. Timing is everything when it comes to egg wash and sprinkles. Be sure to add the sprinkles immediately after brushing on the egg wash, as they won't adhere properly once the wash starts to dry. 

The secret to making sugar cookies with sprinkles like a seasoned pastry chef all comes down to using some form of edible glue. Whether you opt for frosting, glaze, or an egg wash, the result is sure to be as delightful to look at as it is to eat.