The Simple Method To Make Your Oreos Even Sweeter

If you've spent afternoons ripping open Oreo packages and twisting, licking, and dunking the sandwich cookies into milk to enjoy, you're not alone. However, a few lovers of the classic treat have taken Oreo enjoyment a step further by heating the morsels prior to eating. Though warming up these creme-filled snacks is certainly not a requirement, the right amount of heat can enhance the taste of the packed wafer cookies.

We have TikTok to thank for the rise of the hot Oreo trend, and we're not complaining. A warmed-up Oreo not only offers a texture that can't be found when taking a cookie directly from a package, but the taste of the cookie and its recognizable creamy center changes once heat has been applied. (Not to mention the mouth-watering smell that fills your kitchen after the cookies have been heated.)

Whether you pop these babies into the microwave, give them a flash in a hot skillet, or set them in an oven for a few minutes, warmed Oreo cookies offer a different eating experience. When placed into a skillet, the outer cookie layers take on a satisfying crunchy texture, and a few rounds in the microwave can turn these snacks into soft, gooey treats.

An easy upgrade to a classic favorite

As Bryce Mahan cautions eager eaters, you'll want to warm up your Oreos conservatively to save your home from a smoking mess or your cookies from a melted fate. Start by microwaving a plate of a few Oreos for no more than 10 seconds. Depending on your microwave, you may need to nuke your snack for another few seconds if you're looking for a meltier middle. Otherwise, a quick heat-up can warm the cookies without completely melting the filling. Lovers of softer, chewier cookies will enjoy the gooey middle and layers of tender biscuits.

For a crispier cookie, pre-heat a non-stick skillet and heat each side of the Oreo for one or two minutes. Should you find yourself preparing another recipe and have a preheated oven available for your sweet cravings, you can place Oreo cookies onto a baking sheet or parchment paper lined tray and pop them into a 350-degree oven for two or three minutes. Whatever cooking method you choose, watch your cookies closely before twisting, licking, dunking them into milk, or simply chowing down on your favorite flavor. Warmed-up Oreos also make excellent additions to other desserts, like dishes of homemade brownies, bowls of vanilla ice cream, and plates of New York-style cheesecake