The 2-Ingredient Cocktail That Adds A Vanilla Twist To Orange Juice

Sometimes you're in the mood for a cocktail, but don't want to deal with pulling out a ton of different ingredients — which is exactly why it's a good idea to have some two-ingredient cocktails on hand. Here's one of those simple recipes that you need to know about: Blanc vermouth and orange juice.

We all know that orange juice works well in cocktails — from mimosas to tequila sunrises, the juice brings bright freshness. But, by pairing it with blanc vermouth, you get a heavenly combination of orange and vanilla for a sweet (but not too sweet) cocktail. To get the most out of this cocktail, you'll want to look for blanc vermouths that are vanilla-forward in their flavor profiles, such as Dolin Blanc, Lustau Rose, and El Bandarra Blanco.

To make the drink, start by preparing a highball glass filled with ice. Then, add 2 ounces of blanc vermouth and 1.5 ounces of orange juice (the fresher, the better) and stir. Top with any choice of garnish.

How to customize the blanc vermouth and OJ cocktail

After you've made your drink, the simplest way to customize it is to choose your garnish. An orange peel twist or an orange slice are the two most straightforward and fitting garnishes. Or, you could opt for an herb garnish, such as a sprig of sage or rosemary. You could also decide to throw in a different fruit, such as a cherry for sweetness, or a slice of lemon to double up on citrusy flavor.

There are also ways to switch up the cocktail by adding just one other ingredient. If you're someone who likes their cocktails to be sparkling, you can top off the drink with sparkling water or club soda to transform it into a bubbly drink. Or, if you're looking for something a little stronger and have gin on hand, you can create a slightly more complex version of the simple drink — use one ounce each of gin, blanc vermouth, and orange juice.