Blending Cottage Cheese Is The Best Hack To Make It More Versatile

Cottage cheese is having a renaissance. It's no wonder why: Whether it's the cheese's pleasant tang, high protein levels, or low sugar content, cottage cheese has something for everyone. However, the consistency of cottage cheese can be a barrier to using it in a variety of ways. To enjoy the true versatility of this dairy product, you should blend it before using.

This can change the cottage cheese game entirely, as many people have issues with its texture. With a consistency that's somehow both watery and lumpy, it can admittedly take some getting used to. Thankfully, when blended, cottage cheese can shine as what it truly is: a deliciously tangy treat.

No more dipping strawberries into a lumpy mess; blended cottage cheese takes on a smooth, yogurt-like texture that's much easier to eat and cook with. This technique also unlocks all the best ways to use cottage cheese. Swap it for mayo on sandwiches, dip your chips in it for a tangy touch, or add a dollop or two onto a grain bowl for some extra protein. It can also easily be substituted for other dairy products. Use blended cottage cheese instead of heavy cream when making creamy scrambled eggs, or in smoothies instead of yogurt.

Can you add seasonings to blended cottage cheese?

Cottage cheese is a great substitute for so many ingredients. It can be made even better when enhanced by a few spices or sweeteners. With more protein than Greek yogurt, you can use it to make a powerhouse breakfast parfait. Blend it with vanilla extract and honey or maple syrup until it reaches a smooth, whipped consistency. Add your chopped fruits, nuts, and dried berries, and enjoy. You can also blend it with oats, eggs, coconut oil, honey, and baking powder to make cottage cheese waffles.

Cottage cheese can also work in lunchtime wraps and sandwiches, especially with some added herbaceous tanginess. Add cottage cheese, lemon juice, olive oil, dill, cilantro, garlic, salt, and pepper to a blender and pulse until smooth. Swipe it onto toasted bread before assembling a BLT, or put in on a tortilla before you make a chicken bacon ranch wrap.

What about dinner? Swap out ricotta for blended cottage cheese in this mixed mushroom lasagna recipe for something really special. The subtle tang of cottage cheese complements the rich, savory flavor of porcini, chanterelle, and cremini mushrooms. To give the lasagna a smokier taste, add roasted red peppers to the blender along with the cottage cheese.