Starbucks Star Signs Recommends A Drink Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Starbucks announced that it has joined forces with the viral Instagram account and horoscope app, Sanctuary World, to bring you an interactive spring experience. This partnership combines your daily horoscope with a Starbucks beverage to match, ensuring that your caffeine fix aligns with the celestial energies of your zodiac sign.

The Starbucks Star Signs page presents fans with spring horoscopes, colors, flowers, and, of course, a spring Starbucks drink order based on star signs. Each zodiac sign has also been assigned a Starbucks beverage that complements its traits with the hope of refreshing and adding a touch of magic to your daily coffee routine.

Catering to Zodiac-minded customers, this unique collaboration taps into the growing consumer interest in astrology and personalization. The interactive experience aims to foster a sense of connection and self-awareness among coffee lovers. But that isn't where the cosmic fun ends for those who regularly check the latest Sanctuary World graphics on Instagram.

Let the stars guide your coffee selection

Sanctuary World also released a series of graphics depicting Starbucks cups on the brand's Instagram account in honor of the partnership. Every zodiac sign has a cup with three descriptive points. It's worth noting, however, that the carousel of coffee cups doesn't reveal the menu item for each sign. So, those who want to join in and try clicking through the prompts to find which drink Starbucks thinks you might like can visit All you have to do is select your sign and the time of day you expect to take your coffee break.

Whether you want to switch things up or perhaps practice a mindful moment during your daily caffeine fix, this could be a fun way to try something you wouldn't normally order. Though this unusual social media-driven campaign might not draw all Starbucks fans into the starry fold, it is a unique collaboration that is catching the eyes of Sanctuary World subscribers and fans.